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Working House Fire - Roxanna - Station 90
Thursday, March 6, 2003

At 15:32 hours, the Roxana Volunteer Fire Company (Station 90) was dispatched to a stove fire in the kitchen on Rd. 382A (Johnson Store Rd.) & 389 (Johnson Rd.) at Johnson?s Corner. Dispatchers upgraded the alarm a minute later to a house fire with report of injuries re-alerting 90, 88 (Selbyville VFC), & Medic 105. Asst. Chief Glenn Johnson (90-18) went on scene of a two-story balloon constructed house within 11/2 minutes with smoke showing and established 90 Command. Two occupants were still in the smoke filled structure. Asst. Chief Johnson rescued an elderly female occupant from the house with the assistance of Junior Fire-Fighter Glenn Johnson Jr. A second female occupant was directed to vacate the structure with them. Both occupants were transported to Beebe Hospital on ambulances A-90 & B-90 and treated for smoke inhalation. Engine 90-5, commanded by Deputy Chief Guy Hudson (Deputy 90), arrived on scene @ 15:37. Deputy 90 was directed to take Interior Operations. 1 13/4? hose line was advanced to suppress the fire. Engine 90-1, commanded by Asst. Chief Paul Sonntag, advanced 1 13/4? line to backup 90-5?s crew. Engine 90-3 was directed to supply the 1st two engines until Tanker 90, operated by Chief Jeff Lynch, arrived on scene. Tower 88, commanded by 88-18 Mark Lathbury, was directed to stage in front of the structure on side 1 and ladder the roof for ventilation. An additional 13/4? line from Tower 88 was advanced to the second floor. A 4?x4? ventilation hole was cut by FF Chad Behney from tower 88?s bucket. As Chad completed cutting the ventilation hole, fire bellowed out and he escaped unharmed. Asst. Chief Andy Johnson (90-16), upon arriving on Utility 90-10, was designated Operations Officer. Rescue 88, commanded by Deputy Chief Steve Hudson (Deputy 88), was staged near the front of the scene and setup the cascade for SCBA refill. Command 90 requested a 2 engine cover up from 84 (Millville VFC) @ 90 Headquarters. Engine 84-1 commanded by Chief Doug Scott (84-15) & 84-4 commanded by FF Frank Bunting were requested to the scene to assist with fire suppression. Engine 73-1 was brought in as the R.I.T. (Rapid Intervention Team) and later assisted with overhaul. 90 Command placed the scene under control @ 16:32 hours. Units went available @ 17:44 hours. The older balloon construction of the structure allowed the fire to spread more easily to the second floor and attic area making it more difficult to suppress the fire taking the crews an hour to bring under control. Approximately 75 personnel responded to the incident. 18 more personnel were covering up the respective stations. No Firefighters were injured in the incident. An electrical wire in the ceiling of the kitchen was determined to be the cause of the fire and damage was estimated at $64,000 per Deputy Fire Marshal Randy Lee. Other units responding were: Utility 90-9, Tanker 90-4, Tanker 88, and Amb. B-84, EMS 100, DSFP, DSFM (FM 4), Del. Electric Co-op, 70 (Bethany Beach VFC) & 76 (Frankford VFC) covered up 90 Headquarters, 900 (Bishopville VFC) covered up 88. Story by Asst. Chief Glenn Johnson (302) 436-4232

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