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Vehicle Fire - Riga Drive, Ocean Way Estates
Friday, September 10, 2004

On Friday afternoon September 10th, the Millville VFC was alerted for a vehicle fire with exposures to a house on Riga Drive in Ocean View. 84-18 (Johnson) on his way to work was the first to arrive on scene and found that the vehicle was in fact in the garage and the fire was extending into the residence. Asst. Chief Johnson immediately upgraded the alarm to a structural response and also requested a 2nd alarm which would add on to the assignment a RIT team and automatic station cover-ups2. 84-2 was the first to arrive and a crew of three firefighters advanced a 1-3/4 line into the garage and made a quick knockdown of the rapidly growing fire. Quint 70 arrived second and their crew opened up the walls in the garage as well as checking the house for extension. Rescue 70, Tanker 84 and Truck 84 arrived within minutes of each other and a water supply was established to 84-2. Command was transferred to Deputy 70 (Moore) while Firefighter Evans (84) was assigned operations. Crews overhauled the interior and exterior of the garage while others used PPV to remove smoke from the custom home. Millville EMS and Sussex County EMS established a Rehab area and Traffic Control 70 (DSFP Bowden) provided numerous coolers of water for crews operating. The scene was placed under control and turned over to the State FMO for the investigation. Units Responding; 84-18, E84-2, TRUCK84, RESCUE84, TANKER84, Eng/Tanker 84-4, A84, QUINT70, RESCUE70, E70-2, Traffic Control 70, E90-5(RIT), E76-1/E73-2 (84 Cover up), E86-5/E86-3 (70 Cover up), SCEMS Medic 105, DSFP, DSFM, Conectiv.

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