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SUV and off-road motorike collide on Peppers Corner Road
Friday, December 1, 2017

On Friday, 1 December 2017, at 1656 hours, your Millville Volunteer Fire Company and Sussex County Paramedic Unit were alerted to respond to the 34000 block of Peppers Corner Road for a vehicular collision.
Arriving units then discovered this collision involved a Ford SUV and an off-road motorbike. Physical damage indicated the vehicle and motorbike had collided on Peppers Corner Road. Given the time of day and the lack of abundant overhead lighting, it is doubtful the SUV operator was able to observe the motorbike prior to impact. The motorbike was not equipped with any lights.
Fortunately, the youthful operator of the off-road vehicle did not appear to be badly injured, but was transported to a local medical facility for any treatment necessary.
Captain Andrew Klink was charged with overseeing this evening’s operation. Lt. Brian McConalogue and his medical crew cared for the injured.
MVFC Fire-Police Rancel Evans Sr, Earl Green, and Harry Warburton were able to divert all traffic off Peppers Corner Road.

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