Cody Lockwood
In the past, Cody has held the positions of Junior Chief, Deputy Chief , Vice President, 1st Assistant Chief , 3rd Assistant Chief , Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Financial Secretary, Rescue Captain , and Fire Lieutenant . Cody has been awarded the Junior Firemen of the Year.

Cody is a certified Pro-Board Fire Instructor 1 & 2, Pro-Board certified Fire Fighter 1 & 2, and a PADI Rescue Diver. He is certified as a Delaware Fire officer 1 & 2, and also holds many ICS certifications. He is trained in multiple types of fire ground tactics by various agencies. He is a NREMT, Cody holds a B.S. from Wilmington University, and is also working on a Fire Ground Operations degree through the Fire Department Training Network. In the past he has served as the departments training officer both developing training classes and teaching for the department. Cody Has served on the following committees in the past, By-laws, Employee handbook, Supervisor handbook, Long range Planning, 2- apparatus committees, and the Executive committee.