Dive Team

The Millville Vol. Fire Co., DIVE TEAM consists of 18 members who have completed various certification levels in SCUBA Diving. The team responds to water related emergencies including drownings, vessels in distress and boating accidents. We operate out of a 14' enclosed trailer which houses 13 sets of dive gear, spare tanks and search and recovery equipment that is ready to be deployed immediately. The team has 6 full face SCUBA masks which are used when diving in extreme cold or a hazardous, contaminated environments. Each diver is issued their own gear bag which is stored on the trailer and allows for a rapid deployment when needed. A Side Scan Sonar was provided to the team by the Sussex County Fire Chief's Association which greatly enhances our abilities and makes diving safer for the team members. The MVFC Dive Team has been protecting the lower East Coast of Sussex County since 1970 and has assisted agencies throughout Sussex County and also into Maryland.