E-One / E-Max Rescue Engine - Rescue 84

Rescue 84 is a 2013 E-One/Emax Rescue Pumper on a Typhoon series chassis. Rescue 84 carries 1000 gallons of water and is equipped with a 1500GPM Q-max Hale pump. It has a 6 firefighter cab with 5 SCBA seats. It also has an on board hydraulic pump for the Holmatro rescue tools. It is equipped with pre-connected spreaders and cutters on the officer side along with rams and a portable pump. There is a pre-connected combi-tool on the front bumper along with basic stabilization tools. The Officeer side of the Rescue is completely dedicated to Rescue whereas the driver side is committed to Engine company operations. On the driver side there is a dedicated RIT compartment. It holds 1000' of 5" hose, 600' of 3" hose. It is equipped with 2-200' 1.75" speed lays, a 200' 1.75" front bumper line, a 350' 1.75" rear hose-line, and a 200' 2.5" rear hose-line.

Engine one was sold by Eric Huovinen of Patriot Fire.

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