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Working Building Fire - "Fuzzy's" Goodyear Service Center
Friday, October 31, 2003

On Friday October 31st at 1253pm the Millville (84) and Roxana (90) Vol. Fire Co?s along with the Sussex County Paramedics (105) were dispatched to a reported building fire at the Clarksville Parts Plus and Goodyear Tire Center on Atlantic Ave in Clarksville. At 1254, 2nd Assistant Chief Temple marked up responding to the scene and was advised by Sussex EOC that the fire had started when employees were removing a gas tank from a van in one of the service bays. It was reported that the fire was spreading to the entire business at the end of the 911 call. Asst. Chief Temple arrived at 1256pm established Command and reported a one story block commercial structure well involved. A Second Alarm was struck immediately which would bring a RIT team from Bethany Beach (70) and automatic cover up assignments for Millville and Roxana. Due to this being a non-hydrant area a tanker assist from the Dagsboro VFC (73) was also requested. E84-2 with Rescue Lt. Kauffman arrived at 1258pm and was ordered to drop a 5? supply line 200 feet from the fire building, stop short of the scene due to downed power lines across DE 26 and place a 2-1/2? hand line in service. Tanker 84 (tractor-trailer) arrived immediately there after and established a water supply for E84-2. Command then ordered the Roxana units to re-direct there response to the west side of the scene due to the limited access from the east. 7316 Assistant Chief Stevens arrived on scene and assumed the west sector. E905 arrived and dropped a 5? line into the west parking lot area and placed in service 2 1-3/4 hand lines protecting a 1000gal. Propane tank and also 2-300 gal fuel oil tanks. Tanker 90 (tractor-trailer) picked up the supply for the west side operations. Truck 84 (95?Platform) arrived next and was assigned to back down the west bound lane in the event elevated master-streams would be needed. Crews placed in service an additional 1-3/4 hand line to the front of the building. Quint 70 (75? stick) took the west side ? corner and also prepared for master stream operations. E901 took the front of the building on the west side of the downed power line and deployed a 2-1/2 hand line to supplement the initial attack line. 8418 3rd Assistant Chief Evans arrived on E841 and was assigned operations. Due to the mid afternoon timing of the alarm, several additional move up assignments were given to provide water and staffing to the scene. Selbyville (88), Frankford (76) and Rehoboth Bea! ch (86) were all directed to the scene, while Ocean City (700) and Bishopville (900) (both Worcester Co. MD) provided station cover ups2 for Bethany and Roxana. The initial RIT team was assigned to assist in suppression and a crew from E732 took over the RIT assignment. As additional units arrived on scene, they were directed to drop off their manpower and water to the appropriate tankers and then start a shuttle operation. Upon Tanker73?s (tractor-trailer) arrival, 7320 Townsend, assumed west sector water supply officer. Units assigned to shuttle were (E841,E701,E706,E731,E884,E865). Operations reported that there was a stream of run off consisting of unknown types of petroleum products approaching a drainage ditch near side 3 of the structure. DNREC and HazMat 83 (Millsboro) were requested to the scene for environmental assessment and clean up. The fire was declared under control in 45 minutes with all units working until 1648hrs. Due to the extreme heat at the height of the fire an excavator was requested to the scene to remove a twisted I-Beam from the service area that was leaning precariously against a weight bearing wall. The excavator also was used to pull down the bowing concrete front block walls for safety. The remainder of the smoldering tires and machinery were blanketed with foam. The scene was turned over to the Delaware State Fire Marshal?s office for investigation. 2nd Assistant Chief Graig Temple

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