Command Vehicle

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe

Seagrave Marauder II - Engine 2

The Millville Vol. Fire Co. is pleased to announce that it has placed In-Service a new Engine. Engine 84-2 is a 2015 Seagrave Marauder II. 84-2 is equipped with a Cummins ISL9, 450 HP motor and an Allison 4000-EVS transmission. It is equipped with a 2000GPM Hale single stage pump, and a 750 Gal. Poly (L style) tank. It is completely constructed of heavy duty stainless steel. 84-2 has a wheelbase of 184.5 IN., with an overall length of 30 FT 3 IN. This engine has been designed as a structural fire attack engine. It is equipped with 6 pre-connected attack lines, 850 FT. of 3 IN., and 1000 FT. of 5 IN supply line, along with a front suction. The design was engineered around the idea of having a low hose bed for easy deployment of attack lines. This Seagrave was sold to the Millville Vol. Fire Co. by Todd Fell of Emergency Equipment Sales, LLC of Trenton, NJ 1-877-337-8885

E-One / E-Max Rescue Engine - Rescue 84

Rescue 84 is a 2013 E-One/Emax Rescue Pumper on a Typhoon series chassis. Rescue 84 carries 1000 gallons of water and is equipped with a 1500GPM Q-max Hale pump. It has a 6 firefighter cab with 5 SCBA seats. It also has an on board hydraulic pump for the Holmatro rescue tools. It is equipped with pre-connected spreaders and cutters on the officer side along with rams and a portable pump. There is a pre-connected combi-tool on the front bumper along with basic stabilization tools. The Officeer side of the Rescue is completely dedicated to Rescue whereas the driver side is committed to Engine company operations. On the driver side there is a dedicated RIT compartment. It holds 1000' of 5" hose, 600' of 3" hose. It is equipped with 2-200' 1.75" speed lays, a 200' 1.75" front bumper line, a 350' 1.75" rear hose-line, and a 200' 2.5" rear hose-line. Engine one was sold by Eric Huovinen of Patriot Fire.

Emergency One 95' Platform - Truck 84

Truck 84 is a 95' E-One Platform. It has scissor-style jacks with an impressive jack spread of 13'4", which allows it to be set up in small areas. Truck 84 has a two thousand gallon-per-minute Hale Pump, and carries 450 gallons of water. The bucket is outfitted with twin monitors (smooth bore and electric/combination), FireCom headsets, 10-foot section of 1-3/4" hand line, and in-line SCBA masks. The Truck carries all typical "Truck Co" tools as well as the Cutters Edge Saws. The truck company carries the following compliment of ground ladders: one 35' extension ladder, one 24' extension ladder, one 16' roof ladder, one 14' roof ladder, one 12' roof ladder, and one 8' attic ladder.

E-One Engine - Engine 84-6

Engine 84-6 is a 2005 E-One. Engine Six has a 1000 gallon water tank. Engine 6 has a dedicated R.I.T compartment for use on mutual aid or when an immediate R.I.T is needed. High side compartments on both sides allow for expanded storage of tools and equipment. Engine Six has two 200' 1.75" crosslays, one 200' 2.5" crosslay, one 250' 1.75" rear-hoseline, one 100' 1.75" trash-line, 1000' of 5" supply line, and 800' of 3" supply line. Engine 84-6 was sold by Dave Greenfeld of American Fire.

American LaFrance - Engine 84-4

Engine/Tanker 84-4 carries 2700 gallons of water, 40 gallons of class B foam a portable pump as well as a complete Holmatro Rescue Systems set up. E-4 was sold by Delmarva Pump Center.

FORD/Delmarva Pump Center - Brush 84

Freightliner/Excellance - B84

Freightliner/Excellance - C84

Freightliner/Horton - 84SCUBA1

RESCUE ONE Connector Boat - MARINE 84

4-Guys/International - Tanker 84

Tanker 84 is a 1992 Four-Guys/International Tractor Trailer Tanker. Tanker 84 carries 6,000 gallons of water and has a 1500gpm Dietz pump. Tanker 84 is one of the remaining few tractor trailers in the county and is running out of Station #2 (Clarksville)

1955 Cadillac Replica EMS Unit - 84-55

This is an exact replica of the first ambulance purchased by the Millville Vol. Fire Company after it began service to the community in 1960. This ambulance was painstakingly restored by Robert L. Herrington Jr. in memory and in honor of the first ambulance squad, of which his father, Robert L. Herrington Sr., was the first Ambulance Captain. The original ambulance was destroyed when it caught fire during a run to Beebe Hospital. This restoration took several years to complete, and in turn was donated to the Company by Mr. Herrington. The ambulance now serves the company in parades, funerals, and other special events.

1945 Antique Autocar - 84-45

This engine is the very first new piece of motorized equipment ever purchased by the Millville Vol. Fire Company. It represents one of only a handful of fire engines built in 1945 due to the shortage of materials during World War II. Engine 84-3, as it was designated at the time, remained in service until the mid 1980's when it was finally retired. This unit is affectionately known as "Mom" and now serves in parades, funerals, and other special events. This is the only 1945 Autocar Pumper operational in the world!

Utility Truck - Utility 84

84-11 is used primarily pull the Dive Team's Trailer, as well as providing manpower transportation to and from emergencies and or training classes. 84-11 is equipped with 800mhz radios, a portable Marine Radio. Hand tools, PFD's, an EMS Jump Bag and throw bags round out the equipment carried on this versatile Utility vehicle.

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