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The first recorded account of fire protection for the Town of Millville dates back to 1922, when the town purchased a Chemical Wagon for $60.00. The wagon was housed in a shed owned by Mr. H.H. Dukes, SR. A fire that erupted in the shed sometime later destroyed the building and the wagon was moved to a barn owned by Dr. K.J. Hocker.
On April 14, 1936 a meeting was held in the ice cream parlor of Dr. Hocker’s Drug Store with the intent of establishing a fire company for the Town of Millville. Officer’s were elected and appointed that night and the Company was formed. Later that same month on April 21st the Chief Engineer along with two other members went to look into purchasing a motorized fire truck to better serve the town. The company purchased that apparatus which was an American LaFrance pumper. It boasted a 250-gallon water tank, which was much better than the 40-gallon chemical tank that had been used for years before. Now that the Company was formed the officers needed to find a way to alert the volunteers that there was an emergency. It was decided to enlist the help of the local church. The Church bell was rung for two minutes straight to alert the firemen and the fire engine would wait for an additional three minutes before responding to the scene.

In 1937 the first siren was purchased and mounted on a tower at Dr. Hockers. 

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Starting in 1939, the winds of change started blowing through the town of Millville. The company purchased a lot for expansion from Mr. Amos McCabe and also signed a contract with a local company for the construction of a Firehouse. The Company also became incorporated the same year. 1941 saw an increase of membership to 50 members and it also saw the purchase of an additional Tank Wagon.

In 1942 the first telephone was installed and in 1945 the first NEW fire apparatus was purchased. A 1945 Auto car with a 1000-gallon water tank. The next several years continued to show major growth and an expansion of services offered by the Millville Volunteer Fire Company.

A rescue wagon was purchased in 1956 and in 1961 the company purchased a used Cadillac Ambulance and they started an ambulance services.

1962 saw the start of a Junior Fire Company where young adults between 15 and 18 could learn from the senior members before advancing through the ranks. Numerous purchases of land and equipment filled the next several years.

Some of the major purchases and notable accomplishments were the start of a Dive Team in March of 1970, members could also purchase their Plectrons.

In 1972, two additional sirens purchased and placed in Clarksville and Ocean View to supplement the siren that was at the firehouse. Arrival of a long overdue Engine, that took 4 years 1 month and 5 days to take delivery of.

In 1979 a committee was formed to research the building of a new larger firehouse to allow for continued growth. May 12th, 1984 ground breaking was preformed on the location of the current station and in May 15th 1985 just over a year from when the construction was started the building was dedicated.

Since 1985 the company has expanded to the following; 3-Engine Companies, 1- Heavy Rescue, 1- Brush Truck, 1-6,500gal Tractor-trailer tanker, 1-Dive Team Trailer, 3-Utility vehicles, 3-Ambulances and 2 Antique’s, the original 1945 Auto car (restored) and a 1956 Cadillac Ambulance (replica of original ambulance). The company has also expanded the membership with over 80 members on the roll and the largest junior membership in recent memory of 12. Keep looking back for additional information and growth of the Millville Vol. Fire Co., INC. 

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Written by, V. Graig Temple, 2nd Asst. Chief (2003) Information provided by; 50th year anniversary program Mr. William J. Quillen (dec.) Mr. Harold Lloyd.