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To the Citizens of Millville Volunteer Fire Company Fire District,

On behalf of the officers and members of Millville Volunteer Fire Company, I would like to thank the community for supporting our EMS service. We continue to meet the community’s needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with two staffed ambulances. Our community continues to grow exponentially every year. As in years past, we have decided to take on the financial challenges and burdens of extending our services during the busy months. We have expanded our services to provide 3 staffed ambulances to our-citizens during the day from May 15, 2024 thru October 1, 2024. This will reduce our response times in the event of multiple emergencies in our district and provides us with the means necessary to handle multiple calls at 1 time in our service area.


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As our area continues to grow, traffic increases and call volume increases as well. We, just like you, are experiencing increased costs to operate our fleet, increased fuel costs and increase cost to maintain trained/qualified staff to provide emergency medical services to our residents. We value the lives of our families, friends and visitors to our area. Each of you are treated as we would want our loved ones treated! State funding from insurance policies written within the state equates to 10% of our total budget. County funding equates to 7% of our total budget. Third party ambulance billing income equates to 38% of our total budget, all together that represents 55%. The remaining funds are derived from voluntary donations from our residents and through the EMS Subscription Plan. As you can see, we are not a tax base paid service. We hope that you can appreciate the value we place on the safety and well-being of our community and can partner with us!


We are once again offering you the EMS Subscription Plan this year. This subscription program is designed to help you minimize your out-of-pocket expenses after insurance when you need emergency ambulance transportation. Any medical insurance plan you have in place will be charged for the service provided by us. Any remaining balance after insurance is the responsibility of the patient and will be billed to you. This balance due is generally referred to as deductible, or co-insurance/co-pay. By enrolling in the subscription plan, your annual contribution covers any amount due from you for the duration of the plan year. The cost of this subscription plan is $75.00 a year and covers the period July 1, 2024 thru June 30, 2025 and will require annual renewal. This is for emergency services provided on scene and transport only. The $75.00 annual fee covers everybody who is transported from your address.

Thank you for your continued support, we consider it an honor to serve all who live, work, and visit our community. 

If your community is interested in our Discounted Community Wide Subscription, please have your HOA president contact the EMS Supervisor at 302-539-7557. This program would provide a discount to communities with 100% community participation.

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