GMC/American/RETIRED - 84-6

1945 Antique Autocar - 84-45

This engine is the very first new piece of motorized equipment ever purchased by the Millville Vol. Fire Company. It represents one of only a handful of fire engines built in 1945 due to the shortage of materials during World War II. Engine 84-3, as it was designated at the time, remained in service until the mid 1980's when it was finally retired. This unit is affectionately known as "Mom" and now serves in parades, funerals, and other special events.

SWAB/Chevrolet/Retired - 84-5

Traffic Control - Traffic Control 84

Traffic Control 84 is a 1989 Ford/Grumman. TC84 was originally purchased from the Vorhees VFC of NJ and was the Company's first brush unit until 2005 when it was converted into the TC unit. TC84 has an arrow board, generator, and rehab supplies onboard.

Utility Truck - Utility 84

84-11 is used primarily pull the Dive Team's Trailer, as well as providing manpower transportation to and from emergencies and or training classes. 84-11 is equipped with 800mhz radios, a portable Marine Radio and a NEXTEL phone. Hand tools, PFD's, an EMS Jump Bag and throw bags round out the equipment carried on this versatile Utility vehicle.

Utility Vehicle - Utility 84-12

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