Re: Millville Volunteer Fire Company Community Heroes – Capital Campaign - Year Three - 2023

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

We have some important updates about the Millville Volunteer Fire Company special Capital Campaign initiative occurring in the Millville – Ocean View area. This campaign is not only exciting, but also essential. For over 87 years, your grass roots support has provided your fire, rescue and EMS service!

This “Millville VFC Community Heroes Capital Campaign” is completely separate from our Annual Fire and EMS operating budget fund drives. Your generous support to these drives continues to be vital. This Capital Campaign is in its third year and will run for a five-year period. Our goal is to raise $2 million for two main purposes: First – to fund our essential apparatus replacement program, Second - to renovate and expand our fire station. Because of the extensive recent growth to our community and the sharp increase in our call volume, we knew we had to do something to maintain and improve our ability to respond quickly to emergencies. So after much analysis and review, this special capital initiative was created. Here are some key points on how funds will be utilized.

APPARATUS REPLACEMENT PROGRAM – Ensures that we have the reliable and up-to-date emergency fire equipment to respond to your particular emergency. We have placed an order for our new Engine-Tanker and expect delivery in February of 2024.

• Equipment Standards – The industry standards for the longevity of emergency fire apparatus are twenty-years.   Reliability concerns, maintenance costs and technology changes require scheduled replacement. Planning for new apparatus is necessary at the 20-year benchmark.

• Cost Concerns – Specialty emergency apparatus is costly and, like everything else, costs continue to rise.  Reserve funds need to be set aside to plan for these future purchases.

• Upcoming Apparatus Needs – Of the major apparatus we have, two are currently scheduled for replacement.  Our Engine-Tanker, which doubles as a fire engine and a vehicle that also carries a large amount of water to our rural response areas, it is scheduled for 2024 replacement at an estimated cost of $875,000. And soon thereafter, one of our front line fire engines will need replacement at a cost of about $575,000.

BUILDING PROJECT – We have added 5,000 sq. ft. of space to our existing building, along with needed renovations to the fire station. This project was completed in the fall of 2022 and are realizing the benefits of this project which include:

• Sleeping Quarters – Dedicated sleeping area for newly formed “live-in” program. Allows volunteer members and duty crews to sleep at station and the ability for in-station staffing during severe weather. All this adds to our capability to respond to emergencies quicker and more efficiently.

• More Living and Training Space – Additional space to handle more current and future career duty personnel, along with more space for necessary emergency training classes. Better and more appropriate living space will make work flow more efficient and help attract much needed volunteers.

• Significant renovations to our 38-year-old building. One main upgrade will be the main kitchen area, so that it will be functional for fundraising events. Another important upgrade will be installing a fire sprinkler system to protect our personnel, the station and apparatus.


DONOR RECOGNITION LEVELS – All donors contributing $350 or more will be listed on a plaque in the foyer of the Fire Station on the “Millville VFC Community Heroes” wall. For those with the ability, we would like for you to consider these special plaque categories of giving opportunities …

  • Fire Chief’s Heroes $20,000 and above
  • Deputy Chief’s Heroes $10,000 - $19,999
  • Asst. Chief’s Heroes $5,000 - $9,999
  • Captain’s Heroes $1,500 - $4,999
  • Lieutenant’s Heroes $750 - $1,499
  • Firefighter’s Heroes $350 - $749
  • Project Advocates In Kind Services

BUILDING RECOGNITION OPPORTUNITIES – Donors that wish to contribute here will have a special plaque in their honor placed, if possible, near the area the donation relates …


  • Day Room/Kitchen $55,000
  • Main Kitchen $50,000
  • Meeting Room $45,000
  • TV/Lounge $40,000
  • Fitness Room $40,000

All Pledges will be greatly appreciated, but we hope you will consider a major pledge to assist Millville VFC in our efforts to respond to the growing needs of our community. In August 2021 the Millville VFC received our IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-exempt public charity designation from the Internal Revenue Service. This tax exempt status greatly enhances our ability to receive donations from our generous supporters. Please take a few moments to make your tax-deductible Pledge.

THANK YOU in advance for becoming a “Millville VFC Community Hero”! - Thank You!!


Douglas Scott – Capital Campaign Chair

P.S. If you have any questions about our Millville VFC or this Campaign, just call 302-539-9535 or email me at [email protected]