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Active Membership

Any respectable citizens of the U.S.A. of the age of fifteen (15) residing in the Millville Volunteer Fire Company District or residing within a four (4) mile driving distance of either Millville Fire Station property boundary may become a member of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company providing they meet the requirements of the Constitution/By Laws and do not actively belong to another fire company in the State of Delaware.

Probationary Active

An individual (18 or older) that applies for Probationary Active membership will be required to pass a criminal background check and physical in order to be placed on the rolls as such. It will be the responsibility of the membership committee to meet with the applicant to determine if the individual is accepted based upon the background check and physical. The result will be announced to the membership during the first company meeting thereafter. However, if the applicant does not return the physical and background check within (90) days, they will be dropped from consideration for membership. Applicants who are denied membership will be notified by the Secretary of the company via certified letter and may re-submit their application after a period of six (6) months.

Service as a Probationary Active member begins when he/she is placed on the company rolls. During the time spent as a Probationary Active member, the point requirements of an Active Member must be met or the individual will be dropped from the rolls.


Said member must serve a minimum of one year of probation during which he/she must complete Basic Firefighting Skills or the equivalent thereof. Otherwise, he/she will be dropped from the rolls. The member will be allowed a second year to complete Structural Firefighting Skills and Vehicle Rescue or the equivalent thereof. Waving of the Structural Firefighting requirement can be done with the approval of both the Fire Chief and the Board of Directors. If a probationary member has completed all the required training classes prior to the end of their second year, he/she is eligible for Active membership at that time. If deemed necessary, a member may submit a written request to the Board of Directors stating just cause for an extension of the probation period, not to exceed six (6) months. If approved by the Board, for every month, or portion thereof, of extension granted, an additional five (5) points must be earned beyond the required seventy five (75) points. If a probationary member has not completed their training requirement by the end of their second year, plus any approved extension, he/she will be dropped from the rolls. However, upon being accepted as an Active member, by presenting receipts, a probationary member will be reimbursed 100% of physical, and 50% of background check cost not reimbursed by an insurance company or employer. Probationary members may attend company meetings and serve on committees, but may not make a motion or hold office and have no voting privileges.`


Active senior members are those members who have qualified for emergency response, successfully completed their probationary period, and have been accepted by the company as such. At this time, said member shall receive a company badge. Active senior members are the only members eligible to make a motion, vote on all company business and hold office. To retain the status of Active Member, an individual must obtain a combined total of (75) Seventy Five of Fire Company functions for the year (December 1 thru November 30). One (1) point will be awarded for each of the following: Company Meeting – County Meeting – State Meeting – Fire Alarm – Ambulance Run – On Call Duty –Announced Work Detail – Fund Raisers – Company Drill – Official Committee Meeting – Parade – Funeral – 3 hrs. of Fire School training.

At the end of each year, any active member that has not fulfilled the active membership requirements will be so notified by letter from the secretary. At that time said member will be treated as probationary active until he/she meets the points required as listed above. If any member does not fulfill the requirements for active membership for two (2) consecutive years, they will be automatically dropped from the rolls and pension plan and shall return all company property.

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