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Junior Member

Junior Membership

Junior members are those persons between the ages of fifteen (15) and eighteen (18) who wish to apply for membership to the company. All applicants shall provide a completed application with parental or guardian consent indicated and will need to pass the required physical to be accepted as a Junior Member. Junior members will be governed by the Rules and Regulations as set forth by the President and Fire Chief. They will adhere to the Constitution and By-Laws of this company. Junior members, upon reaching the age of eighteen (18) years, are eligible to transfer to the senior company. The physical and background check will be waived, but training requirements of a Probationary Active member shall apply to a transferring junior. However, time and training, while in the juniors shall be applied toward probationary requirements, seniority rights and service record with the company. If necessary said member shall have a maximum of two (2) years to complete the required training. If qualified, a Junior Member may hold a Junior Company office. He/she may attend company meetings, but may not make a motion and has no voting privileges.

Junior Members

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