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Part Time EMT or EMT/FF positions Open

February 14, 2023

35554 ATLANTIC AVENUE                                            TEL:  (302) 539-9535

MILLVILLE, DE 19967                                                       FAX: (302) 539-7319


Date of Posting:               February 14th, 2023

Job Title:                              Part Time EMT or EMT/FF

Here is your opportunity to work close to the beach in a busy, progressive fire department that handles a wide variety of emergencies in a demographic that serves thousands of people in a setting ranging from suburban to the countryside and everything in between.


The Millville Volunteer Fire Company is seeking qualified individuals to add to our part-time list to staff BLS Ambulances and Fire Apparatus (when needed). Employees will be responsible for daily checks of ambulances, apparatus, and tools; light maintenance of vehicles and other duties as needed. Employees must show initiative in performing tasks as asked. Employees must display proficiency in emergency medical care and fire ground operations (when needed). Employees must be able to lift at least 150 pounds with a partner. Shifts vary depending on needs from 24 hours, 12 hours, or 8 hours. Employees can work up to 36 hours consecutively depending on openings. Plenty of opportunities exist from added summer staffing or covering PTO for full-time employee’s year-round.

Hourly wage is: $17.00

No benefits are offered to part-time employees. T-Shirts are provided as part of the uniform only. Gear for fire-qualified applicants is available.


Minimum Qualifications:

-Non-member of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company

-Delaware EVO Card

-Current AHA CPR/AED certification

-National registry and State of Delaware EMT Certification

-High School Diploma or GED Equivalent

For those seeking to be considered for EMT/FF, qualified individuals must possess at a minimum:

-Basic and Structural Firefighting skills or equivalent

-Basic Vehicle Rescue skills

*** Please provide a fire school transcript or proof of all certifications. Also, it is preferred you provide a driving record or proof of driver’s certification at home station.


Application Procedure:

Send an intent of interest in an email along with proof of all requirements to:

Tyler Hickman, thickman@millville84.com            


Stephen Gilbert, sgilbert@millville84.com            

Any questions can be directed to either of the above individuals.

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