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Social Member

Social Membership

Social members are those persons of at least eighteen (18) years of age who wish to support the company through their participation in activities of a non-emergency nature. In order to become a social member, the applicant must complete a membership application and pass a criminal background check. Social members in good standing may attend company meetings and are allowed to vote on company administrative, fund raising, and social matters, but are not allowed to vote on an emergency office or emergency related motions. To retain social membership status, the member must earns 18 points within a given year, by attending regular company meetings and activities of a non-emergency nature. Otherwise they will be removed from the rolls. Social members are not allowed to vote on fire or ambulance matters, and would only be allowed to hold an Administrative Office position as specified in Article I of the By-Laws “Election of Officers” 

Social Members

NOTE: Non-emergency functions shall be defined as any function or event that does not involve training, preparation, or response to an emergency incident.

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